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VAT reclaim through Cash Back is easy!

Successfully recovering foreign VAT demands good local relations with the tax authorities as well as local VAT knowledge, particularly due to constant changes in VAT legislation and tax authority processes. Cash Back’s efficient cooperation with VAT experts throughout Europe allows us to maximise your VAT refunds as well as speed up the processing times.

No refund, no charges

Our pricing is extremely customer friendly. We do not charge anything from our services in advance. Instead, our commission is based on a successful refund and a minor annual fee. We charge our commission after our client receives the refund. If the VAT is not refunded by the foreign tax authority we will not charge for our services.

Real –time Follow-up

By using Cash Back you can reach the full refund potential of your company and minimize the use of your own resources. The Cash Back Online –reporting system shows the progress of your claims, real-time, and allows our client to have precise information about the status of their VAT claims.
Based on the feedback received from our clients we continuously develop our services and processes to increase our flexibility and provide the optimal solution for each customer.

Check which of your expenses abroad are refundable here.

VAT Reclaim

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