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Cash Back has been in the VAT reclaim business since 1988 and we are proud to be one of the world’s leading companies in our field. The optimal VAT solutions we offer our clients help save valuable employee resources and create substantial VAT and tax savings.

Cash Back has a long and valued client list, we benefit from a sound financial track record, we enjoy excellent relations with the tax authorities and we are a respected player in the industry. Cash Back has also been an active member of the International VAT Association since its foundation.

Our assets are:

  • An international network with local VAT experts
  • Current VAT knowledge about the constantly changing VAT legislation in Europe
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Good relations with local tax authorities
  • Highly flexible and tailor made customer service

Your company can outsource all international VAT related matters to one expert, Cash Back, in an easy and cost-efficient way.

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